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Where can I find a copy of my bill?

You can find a copy of your most recent bill on your account's dashboard in the My Bill area. You can also find copies of your most recent bill, as well as previously issued bills, in the the Bills & Payments  section of My Constellation, under the Transaction History area. In the Transaction History area, you may download PDF versions of your bills.

How long is my billing cycle?

Your billing cycle will start and end based upon the meter reading dates. These meter reading dates are determined by your utility company for your area. A typical billing cycle is 28-32 days; however, the billing cycle could be longer or shorter. Constellation has no control over when the meters are read by the utility.

What do I do if I have a question or think I found an error on my bill?

If you have a billing question, or believe there is an error on your bill, please contact our customer care representatives.

  • Georgia customers can contact Care from 8 am to 6 pm EST Monday through Friday at 877-677-4355.
  • Texas customers can contact Care from 7 am to 8 pm CST Monday through Friday and 8 am to 5 pm CST Saturdays at 888-900-7052.


Why have I not received my energy bill?

There may be a few reasons why you might not have received your bill yet. The generation of your bill depends upon when your meter is read by your utility company in your area and when Constellation receives that meter reading.

Other reasons you may have not received a bill include:

  • We may have a different billing address on file for your account. We recommend you log into My Constellation to verify the billing address that is on file.
  • You receive Paperless Billing, but the email containing your is in your spam/junk mail folder.
  • The email address associated with your account may have changed. We recommend you log into My Constellation to confirm the email address on file. 

If you still have questions about why you have not received your bill, please call Customer Care at 877-677-4355 (GA) or 888-900-7052 (TX) for assistance.

Does Constellation offer paperless billing?

We do offer paperless billing to all our direct-billed customers in Georgia and Texas who are interested in receiving less paper mail.

If you are a current customer, you can log in to My Constellation and enroll in paperless billing. You can access this option by visiting the Account Details page for the service account where you would like to receive paperless billing. Once there, check the box next to “Yes, please sign me up for Paperless Billing.”

Once you have selected the Paperless Billing option, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please verify your account information or call our call center at 877-677-4355 (GA) or 888-900-7052 (TX) for help. A valid phone number is mandatory to enroll in Paperless Billing so that we may have an alternate way to contact you.

When you enroll in Paperless Billing, you will receive an email on the day your bill is generated and will no longer receive a paper bill via postal service. It may take one to two billing cycles to begin receiving paperless billing.

Please note: Failure to receive an email notification that your bill is available online does not relieve you of your obligation to pay your Constellation bill by its stated due date. Be sure to check and update your account online if your email address has changed.

Do I have to enroll in paperless billing?

You do not have to be enrolled in paperless billing. This is an optional benefit we offer to our direct-billed customers in Georgia and Texas. If you are not enrolled in paperless billing, you will receive a paper bill through the postal mail.

If you are currently enrolled in Paperless Billing and no longer want to be enrolled, you can log into your My Constellation, click on the Account Details tab and uncheck the box under Paperless Preferences to opt out of this option.


What payment options do you offer?

You can make a one-time payment, a scheduled payment or an automatic payment directly from your account dashboard. 

You can also use the automated payment system provided by phone:

     GA residents: 844-508-3525

     TX residents: 833-221-6654

Which forms of payment are accepted?

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit cards. ATM/debit cards in the NYCE, Pulse, and STAR networks, as well as those with a MasterCard or Visa logo are also accepted. Please note: Debit cards from government assistance programs and some gift cards or pre-paid cards may not be accepted.

You may also use an online check from your personal checking or savings account. A bank account number and routing number are required.

Will I be charged a fee if I enroll in Auto Pay or make a one-time payment?

No. You will not be charged a fee for enrolling in Auto Pay, or for making a one-time payment using My Constellation.

Is there a way I can save my payment information, so I don't have to reenter it each time I pay my bill?

Yes. When you make a one-time payment, you can select to add a new payment method or make a one-time payment without saving a wallet item. If you select to add a new payment method, this payment method will be saved for future one-time payments. If you select to make a one-time payment without saving a wallet item, you will need to reenter your payment information each time you pay your bill.

How do I update the expiration date for a credit card I've saved?

To update the expiration date for a card you’re using for a one-time payment or Auto Pay:

Step 1: Click the "Manage My Wallet" link on your My Constellation dashboard.

Step 2: Select "Edit" next to the payment method, input your new expiration date and click "Save Card."

Step 3: To change the card number, you will need to delete the saved credit card using the "Delete" link and re-enter it as a new credit card.

How can I tell if my payment went through?

You can check the status of your payment by clicking on the Bills & Payment tab and viewing your Transaction History.

Payments made before 3 pm EST Monday through Friday will be posted the following business day. Payments made after 3 pm EST Monday through Friday, on the weekends or holidays will be posted within two business days.

You will also receive an email confirmation at the email address associated with your My Constellation account.

How long does it take for a payment to be posted to my account?

Payments made before 3 pm EST Monday through Friday will post the next business day. Payments made after 3 pm EST, on weekends or holidays will post within two business days.

If you have scheduled your payment for a later date, you will receive an email confirmation when the payment is processed.

What happens if my payment is returned for insufficient funds?

If your payment is returned unpaid by your bank, we will charge a $25 returned payment fee.

Why did my payment get returned?

There are several reasons your payment may not have gone through including:

  • There may be a typo in the payment information you entered.
  • You received a new credit card and have not yet entered it into My Constellation.
  • You are using an old account that may no longer be valid or active.
  • You may need to authorize the bank to debit the account.
  • Your bank may want to speak with you before authorizing the transaction.
  • Your card or account may have been restricted by the bank or credit card company.
  • If you paid by phone, the agent may have entered your information incorrectly or you may have given the agent incorrect information.
  • There may not be adequate funds available in your bank account, your credit card may have reached its limit, or it may be have been flagged for fraudulent activity. We recommend contacting your credit card company or bank to address the issue.
May I request a payment extension or deferred payment?

To learn if you are eligible for a payment extension or a deferred payment, please call us at:

  • Georgia customers: 877-677-4355
  • Texas customers: 888-900-7052

Some accounts may be ineligible for an extension or deferred payment plan based on payment history.

Can I choose the date my online payment is drafted from my bank account?

Yes, you can schedule a one-time payment up to 30 days in advance. Click to pay your balance or pay ahead from your Dashboard. Then select “Edit” under the Payment Date.

If your account is overdue, you will need to make a payment on the next available payment date.

Can I make a partial payment?

Georgia and Texas customers who pay their energy bill online through My Constellation can make a partial payment at any time. Please note: If you make a payment after your bill’s due date, you may incur late fees or may receive a disconnection notice.

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

You may cancel a scheduled payment until 9 pm EST the day before your payment is scheduled to draft from your credit card or ACH/Debit card.

At the top of your Dashboard or the Bills & Payment page, you will see a notice for your scheduled payment. Click "Cancel" to confirm you are cancelling your scheduled payment.

Are my online payments and my banking information safe?

Yes. Constellation is committed to keeping your information secure. We work with a leading online payment service provider, Paymentus, and employ a variety of security measures, to ensure that we fulfill our commitment to our customers.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact Customer Care using one of the numbers below       

  • TX customers: 888-900-7052 M-F 7 am - 8 pm CST, Sat. 8 am -5 pm CST
  • GA customers: 877-677-4355 M-F 8 am - 6 pm EST
How do I set up Auto Pay online?

If you are a Georgia or Texas customer, setting up Auto Pay through My Constellation is easy! Once you sign into your My Constellation account, you will see your Dashboard. In the main section of your Dashboard, you will see two links where you can set up Auto Pay. There is a link under the “Pay Ahead” or “Pay Now” button. You can also click on the “Enroll in Auto Pay” button under “My Quicklinks”.

You will then be taken to the Auto Pay page where you can select the Payment Method you would like to use for Auto Pay. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click the radio button next to the Payment Method you want to choose
  2. Click the Continue button
  3. Confirm your selected Payment Method by clicking the Submit button
How do I modify my existing Auto Pay online?

To update your existing Auto Pay information:

  • Log in to your account, click the “Manage Auto Pay” button under the “My Quicklinks” section of your Dashboard or the “Manage AutoPay” link in the My Bill section.

To cancel Auto Pay:

  • Log in to your account, click the “Manage Auto Pay” button under the “My Quicklinks” section of your Dashboard.
  • You will then be taken to the Auto Pay page. To unenroll in Auto Pay, simply click the "Unenroll from AutoPay" button.
How do I add/delete a payment method?

To delete a payment method:

  1. Log into your My Constellation account. Once you are logged in, you will see your Dashboard.
  2. Under “My Quicklinks” in the middle of the page, click the “Manage My Wallet” button. You will then see all your Wallet Items associated with your account.
  3. Click the “delete” link on the Wallet Item you want to remove from your account.
  4. A pop-up box will appear. Confirm that you want to delete the payment method you selected. Your “Manage Wallet” page will refresh, and the payment method you deleted should no longer appear on the page.

To add a payment method:

Log into your My Constellation account. Once you are logged in, you will see your Dashboard.

  1. On the right-hand side, under the Pay Now or Schedule a Payment button, you will see a link for “Make a one-time payment.” Click on this link.
  2. Scroll to the Payment Method section in the middle of the page. Under this area, you will see an option to “+Add New”. Click on this link.
  3. Select to add a Debit or Credit Card, or Online Checking Information. Click “Enter Payment Details” and follow the instructions to enter your payment information.
  4. To see all of your Payment Methods, click on the Dashboard link in the left-hand navigation. Select “Manage My Wallet” under the “My Quicklinks” area, and you’ll see all your Wallet Items associated with your account.
How do I make a payment if I am a Summary Billed customer?

Currently, Summary Billed customers must pay their energy bill by phone.

To pay your bill by phone, or if you have questions, please contact us at:

  • GA Residential: 877-677-4355
  • TX Residential: 866-917-8271