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Switching Suppliers

What is Energy Choice? What do you mean when you say I can choose my energy supplier/provider?

If you have Constellation as your energy supplier or provider, you live in an Energy Choice Market. To better understand what this means, let’s introduce you to the participants that form the energy market.

  • The Generators – They produce the energy used to power your home.
  • The Suppliers – That’s who we are! In an energy choice market, we shop for energy on the open market place and then compete with other suppliers to sell it to you.
  • The Utility – Utilities deliver the energy to your home and respond to any problems with the lines or poles, as well as power outages.
What are the benefits of switching to Constellation?

Constellation offers a number of benefits for our customers. Because you have a choice when it comes to your energy provider, it’s important to find the one that fits your lifestyle and household budget.

The benefits of choosing Constellation include:

  1. Competitive, fixed-rate energy plans
  2. Hassle-free switching with no service interruptions
  3. A quick and easy sign-up process
  4. Exceptional customer service
  5. A Refer a Friend program – receive a $50 gift card for every friend who enrolls with Constellation

Also, as a Constellation customer you can nominate local non-profits right in your area for a Community Champions grant from us.

How do I know which plan is right for my household?

With Energy Choice comes a variety of energy plans. Choice is a good thing! We realize each Constellation customer has a unique set of requirements when it comes to their energy needs, so we have several rates and plans you can choose from. If you don’t want any surprises when you open your bill, we offer fixed-rate plans so you know how much your energy supply rate is each month. If you are concerned with helping the environment, we offer renewable energy plans in our electricity markets. And for those customers in Texas who want to spend less for using more, we have bill usage credit plans.

What do I need to do to switch?

Switching is easy! Simply sign up online at or call us at:

  • GA Residential: 877-677-4355
  • TX Residential: 866-917-8271
  • Other Residential: 855-465-1244

It will help to have your most current electric, natural gas or utility bill available.

Once you elect to switch to Constellation, you won’t have to do anything else. We’ll work with your current supplier and the utility to make the switch. You won’t experience any interruptions in your service.

You will continue to receive a bill from your utility. Once the switch is complete, you will see Constellation as a line item on your utility bill for your energy supply.

Constellation customers who live in a direct-bill market (Georgia and Texas) will receive a bill directly from Constellation.

Will I be charged fees if I switch?

We do not charge any switching, setup or enrollment fees. Please note, if you are under contract with a different supplier, that supplier may charge you an early termination fee. After the switch, you will be responsible for any utility fees and charges.

How long does it take to switch?

Switching energy suppliers can take anywhere from a few days to one to two billing cycles depending on where you live.

For more information on how long it will take for the switch to take effect, please contact Customer Care at:

  • GA Residential: 877-677-4355
  • TX Residential: 866-917-8271
  • Other Residential: 855-465-1244
Will my service be interrupted if I switch?

You will not experience any interruptions when you switch energy suppliers.

What if I have a problem with my service?

If you experience any issues with your switch and live in Georgia or Texas, please call us at:      

  • GA Residential: 877-677-4355   
  • TX Residential: 866-917-8271

If you live in other Constellation service areas, please call your utility.

Constellation customers who experience a power outage or any other type of emergency should contact their utility. Find more information about power outages at this link.

Can I cancel after I’ve made the switch?

We would be sorry to see you go, but if you’re ever unhappy with our service, plans, or prices, you can cancel by calling us at:

  • GA Residential: 877-677-4355
  • TX Residential: 866-917-8271
  • Other Residential: 855-465-1244

The cancellation may take up to two billing cycles to be completed, so you may continue to receive a bill from us or your utility with Constellation as a line item. Please note, most of our plans include an Early Termination Fee (ETF), which is included in your Terms of Service.

Transferring Service

How do I transfer my service to a new address?

If you are moving and need to transfer your Constellation service to a new address, you will need to call our Customer Care center at:

  • GA Residential: 877-677-4355
  • TX Residential: 866-917-8271
  • Other Residential: 855-465-1244

When calling, you may be asked to provide the following information:

  • What date would you like to stop service at your old address?
  • What date would you like to start service at your new address?
  • What is your new address?

The Customer Care representative will go over the plan options and current rates in your new service area.

Can I keep the same plan when I transfer my service?

In some cases, you may be able to keep the same plan. If we are unable to transfer your current plan to your new service address, you will be asked to select a new plan.

Your energy service can be transferred to a new service address, but your rate and plan for your old service address cannot because the rate at your old service address was the given rate at the time you chose that plan. When you move to a new location, the rate for that new service address may not be the same as your old service address.

If I transfer service to a new address before my current contract ends, will I be required to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF) or be charged any other fees?

If you are currently on a fixed-rate plan with Constellation and moving to a new service address, you will no longer be subject to the contract term at your old service address, so you will not be charged an ETF on your final bill for your old service address.

Constellation will not charge a fee to transfer your service. However, you may be assessed a one-time new connection fee by your local utility company, also known as the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) or Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) on your first bill at your new service address. This new connection fee can range from $3.20 to $54, depending on your TDSP.

Can my service start or end on the same day I request to transfer my service?

It typically takes three business days to complete a standard order for service. When you transfer your service, you can request service to begin on the same day. This is called a Same Day Turn-On, and you may be required to pay an additional fee. If you select Same Day Turn-On service, you will be assessed a one-time fee on your first bill from Constellation, as determined by the utility company for your area.

If a customer places a Same Day Turn-On Order and pays all the necessary fees (including any required deposit amount), service will begin within 24 hours. Ultimately, the time frame for a Priority Move-In is determined by the TDSP technician workload, not Constellation.

Unfortunately, you cannot request to end service on the same day you request your transfer. It takes three days for Constellation and the TDSP in your area to process and complete your service termination request.

Adding New Service

How do I add a service account to My Constellation?

You can add visibility to service accounts that you own by going through the Register My Account process within My Constellation. To get started, visit your "My Profile" page and click the Add Existing Service Account button above the My Service Accounts table.

Once in the Registration process, you'll be asked to supply the service account zip code and Constellation account number or Customer Number to locate the account. You will have the option to add a nickname and save the account. Once complete, you'll have the access you need.

Note that only account holders may access their service account. Once you have linked the account to your profile, no other My Constellation user will be allowed to link to the same account.

If you receive an error during this process, please contact our Customer Care team at 866-917-8271 (TX) or 877-677-4355 (GA) and a friendly associate will assist you.  

How do I sign up for service at a new location?

If you are moving and need to transfer your service to a new location, please call us at 866-917-8271 (TX) or 877-677-4355 (GA) for assistance.

If you are looking to start service at a new location while retaining service at your current location, please click here to get started.